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Support NRVT

All year round, we need your help to keep building this trail.

The NRVT is a 501c3 non-profit organization. We are principally funded by private contributions. Your contribution, whatever its size, will help us achieve our long-term vision, and realize important milestones along the way.


Your donations have already funded and constructed:

  • The Wilton Loop from Rt. 7 to Skunk Lane.

  • The Redding Mile from Pickett's Ridge to Fire Hill in Ridgefield.

  • Wilton/Norwalk connectors from Wolfpit Rd in Wilton to Grist Mill Rd in Norwalk.

  • Signage and kiosks for the NRVT in Norwalk and elsewhere.

  • The Trail Plan for the Ridgefield Ramble.

  • The Trail Plan for continuing the Wilton Loop North.


And helped us secure funding to build more Trail in 2023:

  • Wilton Loop North from Skunk Ln to Pimpewaug Rd.

  • Ridgefield Ramble from Rte 7 & Simpaug Tnpk to Fire Hill Rd & the Redding Mile.

And can help us extend the NRVT North and South sections.

Your tax-deductible gift to us comes back to you as more miles of NRVT to explore and enjoy!

Every $250 donation helps build one more foot of trail.

We've built over 11 miles of multipurpose trail loved by all.

We have roughly 3 more miles breaking ground in 2023.

We still have 16 more to go... We're nearly halfway there!

You can also make a donation anytime by check


Please make it payable to the Friends of the NRVT,  and mail to:


P.O. Box 174

Georgetown, CT  06829

We accept stock donations


For more information, please contact Charlie Taney at:

(203) 536-5618

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