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Trail Guildelines

The following guidelines help keep our community trail safe, accessible, and enjoyable for the use of everyone. 

The Norwalk River Valley Trail is open year-round from sunrise to sunset except where posted. Trail users are responsible for their own safety. Always wear appropriate outdoor safety gear and clothing, such as shoes with ankle support, over-the-ankle socks, long pants, and long sleeves.

Motorized Vehicles and Horses are Prohibited

Motorized vehicles and horses are strictly prohibited from the trails. The NRVT is open to all non-motorized vehicles, with permitted use of wheelchairs and pedal assist e-bikes.


Friendly Reminder: Reckless use of motorbikes and/or mountain bikes which endangers others is strictly prohibited. If you see inappropriate behavior on the trail, please use your best discretion and report it.


For Reference, Police Department Non-Emergency Numbers:

Norwalk  (203) 854-3000

Wilton (203) 834-6260

Ridgefield  (203) 438-6531

Redding  (203) 938-3400

Danbury  (203) 797-4614

If it is an emergency please dial 911.

Keep The Trail Clean

Please keep the NRVT as clean as possible. Take your own trash home, leave the space cleaner than you found it. If you see trash, please pick it up and dispose of it. Please help our volunteers keep our trails as naturally clean as possible. Thank you.

Bicycle Friendly Trail

Cyclists should always wear approved helmets and other protective equipment. Keep your bicycle in good operating condition. CT State law allows cyclists to ride on sidewalks and in crosswalks but when doing so have the same responsibilities and rights as pedestrians. For example, they need to wait for the proper crosswalk signal.


For more State Bicycle Laws Reference 


You may run, walk, and bike on the right of the trail and pass slowly on the left, call out or ring a bell to announce that you are approaching. Please do not stop in the trail or ride, or walk, in such a way as to use the whole trail width.​

Pet-Friendly Trail (Leashed Dogs ONLY)

Please clean up after your pets. Nobody likes animal litter on or near the trails. Please keep dogs closely leashed to avoid the endangerment of pedestrians and cyclists.

Safety Tips for Wildlife Encounters

Part of the Norwalk River Valley Trails beauty and fun is its integration with nature and sometimes we might see some animals along the way. Be safe and enjoy the outdoors! 


Here are some tips in the unlikely event of a wildlife encounter:

  • Talk slowly and quietly

  • Don’t approach any wildlife

  • Keep children and pets within reach

How to Avoid Ticks in the Woods

Ticks are a part of life on the NRVT, the best way to protect yourself is to avoid wooded or bushy areas and areas with tall grass, where ticks are most common. Tuck your pants into your socks to keep ticks off your skin. Ticks often start on the lower legs and crawl up the body to find a feeding spot.

Other ways to keep yourself protected from ticks include: 

  • Regularly check yourself, your family and pets after time outside, particularly in wooded areas or areas with lots of vegetation or tall grass. 

  • Treat clothes with tick-repellant products before going outside during tick season, commonly between fall and spring. 

  • Avoid walking in forests or wooded areas whenever possible when not properly dressed and prepared to do so.


→ Enjoy our Trail!

→ Wear appropriate safety gear

→ Be courteous to others

→ Trail is wheelchair accessible

→ Run, walk, and bike on the right

→ Pass slowly on the left

→ Cyclists yield to pedestrians

→ Do not stop in the Trail in such a way to use the whole width

→ Stop at all road intersections

→ Dogs must be kept leashed

→ Pick up dog waste and remove it

→ Keep the Trail clean by taking trash home

→ NOT an equestrian trail

→ NO motorized vehicles (except wheelchairs)

Enjoy the outdoors and be safe!

Please feel free to reach out to us with your questions, comments or suggestion.

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