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4.8 miles

Stone dust

WilWalk will be 4.8 miles when completed, with the entire section running from Broad St in Norwalk to Wolfpit Rd. in Wilton connecting Norwalk to the Wilton trail. This section will be a ten foot-wide, stone dust trail identical to the NRVT’s showcase trail on the east side of Route 7 in Wilton. When completed, the WilWalk section will be off-road except for a small section on Perry Avenue in Norwalk.


Two sections of WilWalk, amounting to 1.2 miles, will be constructed in 2021. Approximately one mile, starting near the intersection of Grist Mill and Old Belden Hill Road in Norwalk, will run north to just short of Kent Road in Wilton. The other section to be constructed will be two-tenths of a mile, and will run south from Wolfpit Road to an overlook by the old quarry pond.



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